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"We couldn't have asked for a better end product." - Vicki - City of Shawnee KS

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What our clients

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  • “Thank you 15|5, my family now has something we'll cherish for generations to come.”


  • "I highly recommend Sean and 15/5 Features for your Military tribute to your service member. As a military wife of 26 years; I have yet to find such an outstanding product. Sean's passion and respect for the military, service members and their families is felt in every frame and every story.

    He genuinely wants each service member to be remembered as the hero they are, and he will go to great lengths to make that happen. He is professional and meticulous about every detail and the final product would be an honor to any service member."

    TRACIE MOSS - Living Well Ministry

  • "15|5 has been so great to work with. Their professionalism and quality is unmatched."

    ERIC MEO - Diversified Inc.

  • "15|5 Features is by far the best in the business! The process of taking an intangible idea and turning that concept into a reality through the power of story telling and film was more than I expected. The quality of the work is not evidenced only in the final production, but obvious in the early stages of planning and in the creativity on the day of filming.

    I recommend 15|5 Features to anyone who wants to capture & convey the essence of your brand in a way that stands out in crowded marketplace."

    STEVEN IWERSON - steveniwersen.com

  • "15|5 Features and Sean Winn represent professional video work. I used Sean to tell the story of my new business venture, and his work ended up being the promotional face of my business. His work was fresh and effectively communicated what my business was about.

    I absolutely recommend Sean and 15|5 Features to anyone who's ready to tell their story to the world."

    JOEL OSTER - Comedian at Law

  • "What a Five Star Professional Experience I had dealing with Sean Winn and 15/5 Features."

    Mary Redmond - The Fearless Negotiator

  • "I highly recommend 15|5 Features. As an owner of a small business, I need to develop partnerships with other businesses to accomplish tasks that I cannot accomplish by myself. One of these tasks is the filming and production of commercials for my business. 15|5 Features has filmed and produced 3 commercials thus far for us (with many more to come). I have never worked with a company that is both so creative yet so efficient in every part of the process. It was an absolute joy working with Sean and his team, and I could not give them a higher recommendation."

    Joe Freudenthal - Freudenthal Home Health

  • "Sean was wonderful to work with and helped guide us through the process of capturing all the things that we needed to tell the story of the Mayor's accomplishments and successes. We couldn't have asked for a better end product."

    Vicki Charlesworth - Deputy City Manager, City of Shawnee, Kansas

  • "If you need to create a high quality video with major impact then Sean Winn is the producer you want. His work on the Shawnee Chamber of Commerce' 70th Anniversary video was outstanding, and I would highly recommend him for any project."

    Linda Leeper - President, Shawnee KS. Chamber of Commerce